Hola!! Halloween is coming and I’m getting more excited everyday! Not because of the actual day, because unfortunately I’ve never dressed up for Halloween, never been to a Halloween party and where I live it’s hard to see orange pumpkins. And that hurts.

I’ve always wanted to do something for that day but I guess I’ll have to wait until I have friends. But that isn’t going to stop me from celebrating it. These three weeks I’m going to do Halloween photos.. and that means creepy…and that means woohoooo!

I had more creepy ideas but I need props that I don’t have so I’ll stick to simple, but regardless, I’m happy, and this is my way of celebrating Halloween.

This is my first photo of this series, “Haunted”. For those times when we feel haunted by thoughts that we can’t stop thinking about.

I hope you like it!

before and after haunted

Before & After


and..*clears throat* tomorrow!

thank you, minnie


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