My Birthday And Videos!

*sighs* It feels so good to write a safe post again. Not having to worry about exposing yourself. Like some of you may remember(which I hope you don’t) last Thursday, I uploaded a video for my “About Me” page. It was also my birthday, and because making a video in English and showing you my face was scary for me, it made my birthday a little bit different.

But I have to admit, that out of all the birthdays I remember, this was the simplest but one of the greatest. Still can’t beat the one where we played this game that you’re supposed to answer questions and if you don’t get them right the other person breaks a water ballon on your head. We ended up soaking wet! And my brother’s friend kept throwing balloons at me and my mother sprayed him with the hose. Oh gosh, that was so fun!!


But this birthday, I woke up feeling very happy. I was alone, as always, but my best friend came to my house and brought me a piece of cake and chocolates and we kept talking and talking. The night before, I told him about the video that I did, and he asked me to show it to him. I was hesitating whether to show it to him or not because I was speaking English. But I said to him, “well..if I let you watch it, you have to film a video with me” and he agreed. So on my birthday, I was telling him about my ideas and he was interested. We proceeded to film it and holy was supposed to be just a practice, we did the “Most Likely To” tag, but we spent like 5 minutes trying to simply say “Hola”.



Here we are..laughing about absolutely nothing.

When we’re together, we can’t stop laughing and we’re so childish…I don’t know why, but at least we have fun. When we were watching it, we were cringing so much, although I was already used to it considering how many times I had to film and watch my first video.

I think that for being our first video, it went…well! I mean, it’s hard to talk naturally to a camera but you get used to it. We don’t know if we’re ever going to make that video public but we sure are going to film more and start our channel. I wish our language was English so you guys could watch them..but…oh well.

The laughing and spending my whole day with my best friend was a very good way to celebrate my 19th year. My mother and sister brought me a little cake and sort of sang me “Happy Birthday”. I saw my father later that night, and then I watched New Girl. I was feeling happy that day and the thoughts that usually always torment me on my birthday, didn’t this time. The fact that I only have one friend congratulating me, the fact that I never do anything exciting, the fact that I can’t have the camera that I want were not important at all. I loved the simplicity of that day. I realized that being able to be with your loved ones is truly the greatest present you could have.


The uploading my video thing made me a little anxious. My friend kept encouraging me because I was afraid of the “publish” button. I felt like I crossed a line. Every time I thought about it I was like… arghhh. It still happens. But your lovely comments made me feel so much better. So thank you everyone for that.

thank you, minnie


6 thoughts on “My Birthday And Videos!

  1. I absolutely LOVED the video. It came across as very charming and endearing. I hope that you make the next video public, I’m sure that your followers would love to view it. 🙂

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