Be Open.

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling that well..and also a little uninspired. As always, every Wednesday, I do a photo to post it on Thursday. And this week I was supposed to do the third of my Halloween series, which I didn’t have planned because I thought that October had only four Thursdays and I started doing the photos the second week.

I knew the story that I wanted to tell with it but honestly I wasn’t feeling well enough to do a uncomfortable pose for levitation and all that stuff. And I’ve decided that if I’m not feeling like it, I’m not going to pressure myself.

So, instead of a photo, I did another simple illustration. This is not my thing at all, but I really like them and I want to learn and improve.

It’s about being to new things, tobe open new changes and new opportunities. Sometimes we don’t let ourselves see beyond what we think there is, and that deprive us from a lot of amazing possibilities. Let’s get rid of our blindness and not be afraid to see what’s really in front of us. It could seem scary but perhaps it’s your next most valuable experience.

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