“Let Me In”

The “Omg, I’m so excited..I can’t wait…it’s going to be sooo great!!!!” feeling you have when you’re expecting something, but then when you see it, you realize that is sooo not great. *sighs* That’s basically the perfect description of my week.

I’m going to talk about an awful experience in another post, but my grand finale of my Halloween series hasn’t been an exception to this feeling. I almost didn’t do it. This week has been very stressful, I’ve been a little sad and I haven’t been physically well either.

I always do my photos on Wednesdays when the sun is going down, but yesterday I was feeling awful, just as I did the past Wednesday too. So I decided to get up very early today and do it because I really didn’t want to miss this week as I was very excited for this photo. I’ve never shot at that hour, I didn’t like it..instead of waiting for the sunset, I was waiting for the sunrise. The grass was wet…anyway..I wasn’t feeling it. And the same thing happened while I was editing it, not feeling it at all. I’m not happy with it and it’s such a bummer because this is the finale.

let me in

But I’m not going to stress myself for that, there are so many photos to come and so much time to improve. If there’s something I know is that I’m always going to make photos I will love and others that…mmm not so much. But it’s okay.

Happy Halloween!



6 thoughts on ““Let Me In”

  1. I think you’re extremely creative. The way your blog’s header looks and this picture at the end..I think it’s all pretty great. πŸ™‚

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