“Locked Hearts, Free Minds”

I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to show this photo to you guys. It is without a doubt one of my top three. I really love doing this kind of photo, because I’ve always been more of a dark person, so this is a way for me to be someone I’m not. And I don’t know… I imagine this photo in a little girl’s room and it makes me happy.

Since I saw this little bird cage in my cousin’s wedding, I knew I was absolutely going to make a photo with it. I have to be honest, when I thought of the idea, I didn’t feel capable of doing it. I was afraid that it would be a disappointment. But I think the excitement and the same time the calmness that I had when doing it really helped me.

On the top, the cage is very asymmetric as you can see, but I actually quite like that touch of imperfection, in fact I LOVE IT. The original plan was to be in grass, but since I wanted something different and more angelical, I decided to just leave it blank with a few little flowers with a lot of fog. I wanted to leave that up for interpretation.

I was going to upload a speed edit video, but it turned out that the screen wasn’t recording, weehehe. But just so you could see more or less of the process, I made two gifs.

e2qmz e2qnt

Enjoy it, I’m really excited and happy with it, no matter what people think, but I hope you like it.


locked hearts, free minds



6 thoughts on ““Locked Hearts, Free Minds”

  1. It is quite outstanding, Minnie! Ok, ready for some long winded interpretations? lol This may be my oddest one yet..
    Ok, I really like the idea of the cage and the key, with the birds flying away. From a Hitchcockian world view, birds are analogs for women. It’s why birds names (according to Alfred Hitchcock) are slang for women. “Chicks” in the US, “Birds” in the UK. ( A recurring theme in both Psycho and The Birds). I also like the idea that the cage looks tentative and that she can leave if she really wants to. But, in the context of marriage (it was from a wedding, right?) the cage is something she remains in willingly. Am I waaaaaay off? πŸ˜€

    1. Omg yees! That’s beautiful! How is it that you’re so good with interpretations?? I actually didn’t think of a particular concept with this photo but that’s fantastic. I think I enjoy more reading people’s interpretations than creating a concept for it myself. Thanks again for the comment ❀

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