How Society Molds Our Heads

We all have a mind of our very own. But not always is the same with our opinions and beliefs. As much as we may think that we decide what to believe and what to think about different matters, the majority of time, society force us to think a certain way. Here are some examples:

1. Religion– This is a touchy matter that I won’t get very deep into, because I completely respect. I grew up in a catholic church where they caused me a lot of fears, but besides that, even though I was a little girl, I didn’t feel a 100% honest when I said I believed in certain things. But because you think that it’s WRONG to believe otherwise, your mind is not allowed to analyze things and believe in what makes you happy. When we left that church, was the moment when step by step I kept searching for what made me happy. And right now, no matter what I believe in, the most important thing in life and the whole purpose of going to a church( I suppose ) is to help people, to not harm people, to be positive and in general try to be a better person everyday. And that’s what I’m doing, it’s what I 100% believe in, and it’s what makes me happy.

2. “Love Your Country”– This one is kind of silly but I wanted to include it anyway. I’ve lived in Puerto Rico all my life. And I used to say that I LOVED it, but again, never felt completely sure. People make us think that because you were born there, you MUST like it and be proud. I perfectly understand where that comes from, but I don’t agree entirely. And by any means I’m not saying that I hate PR, because no matter what, when you live 19 years in the same place you kind of..get used to it, and it’s where your roots are, but I can’t say that I exactly love it. I honestly don’t fit in. It’s the place that saw me grow up, it’s my home and wherever I go, I will say proudly that I’m “boricua”, but don’t tell me that I HAVE TO LOVE IT just because I was born here.

3. Beauty– The most common one. Beauty is completely relative, we all know that, and we find pretty whoever we find pretty. But I think we all agree that society plays a big part in it. The other day, I found out that having high cheekbones was a thing that a lot of women want, I was like “really?” but then the next minute, I was looking at the mirror to see if I had them. Then I said “NO, you are not going to find another reason to think that you don’t look good enough, just because of society.” This happens with a lot of things. People have made us see beauty less and less relative.

4. Likes– A very important one. Likes. Attention. I guess this has happened to a lot of us. A very common example in my case: When I go to Flickr to see my feed, and I see a photo with 4 likes and another one with 99+ likes, I instantly think that the second one is better. And another thing is that when I see one with 99+, even if I don’t like it that much, I will press the star button. WHY? Why do we do that? The same goes for us here. The amount of likes and comments that we get for a post will most of the time determine whether we like it or not. I know I’m not alone, but have you experienced this?: *Posts something you’re really proud of and think that it’s sensational* *Likes: 3, Comments: 0* *”Oh, I guess it’s not good after all”*WHY? NO! This is wrong!! I used to get so frustrated when I saw everyone gaining more and more followers and the most I could get a day was one. When everyone was getting more and more likes and mine were just getting less every post. I felt frustrated, like I was completely rubbish, and not an interesting person what so ever. But really, why do we do that? Why do we have to wait for likes to feel good about ourselves and about what we do? Sure, you could analyze what you’re doing, and see if you can improve something. But let’s not worry about likes and remember the main reason why we do this.

do what yo do



13 thoughts on “How Society Molds Our Heads

  1. Absolutely amazing post!! Could’t have said it better myself. There is no picking favorites here, it’s all so true. Especially the quote. Something to live by.

  2. Very well stated, Minnie. The last point is the one that causes me the most amount of grief on my blog. I used to find the posts that got the most “likes” and try to write more of the same, but it doesn’t work. More importantly, it shouldn’t matter. Write from your heart and let the chips fall where they may.

  3. *Claps enthusiastically* Well said, Minnie. I agree with it all… every word! It’s important, but not always easy, to not get sucked into what society says we ‘should do’ and believe.

  4. Hi! This is such a cool blog and I love your style! It would be amazing if you could follow mine, as it would be much appreciated 🙂

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