First Christmas Illustration <3

I’m seeing a lot of great posts from you guys, I wish I had time to read all of them but these weeks are going to be a little intense for me. I want to spend my last days here with my family and not be in the internet too much. However, as you may have noticed, depending on how caught up you’re with life or not, DECEMBER STARTED TODAY.

All year round, it’s Christmas for me because literally 90% of my itunes is Christmas music. I don’t know if I’ve said this before but I can’t find words to describe how much I love this time of the year. It makes me feel wonderful. I personally don’t like when I hear people saying that Christmas is just for kids. WHAT are you talking about? I seriously want to go and…give them a hug and tell them, Christmas is not for children, it’s for everyone with an inner child, and that means EVERYONE. It’s not about presents, or believing in Santa Claus, it’s about sharing, giving, valuing and believing.

merry christmas

I spent three days making this illustration, and the thing that I like the most about it is that the girl reminds me of Zooey Deschanel, maybe it’s the tights. You know that I love doing these things so I’m going to TRY and make one every week of Christmas. I don’t know if I’ll have time, I doubt it but I’m going to make it work, because it’s Christmas. I also can’t wait for Christmas related posts. I’ve said Christmas in this post like 27 times already, I think that’s enough, I’m going to go now.

Enjoy the illustration, I hope you like it.



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