“O Christmas Music, O Christmas Movies..”

That saying of “It’s finally Christmas time, time to hear some Christmas music..” it’s totally alien to me.

It may be the fact that most of the music in my computer is of Christmas or it just may be because I don’t think prettier music exists. But all year round, literally, Christmas music is on. I’m not ashamed.

The same pretty much goes with Christmas movies.

I thought it would be nice to share my favorite Christmas albums/songs and Christmas movies since I enjoy them so much.

Christmas Music:


1. Christmas by Michael Bublé– A classic. The perfect classic. If Christmas passes and you don’t hear not even a single song from this album, there’s probably something wrong with you.


2. Wrapped In Red by Kelly Clarkson– I may listen to a lot of singers, but my favorite is definitely her. That’s why last year when she released this album I saw the glory. Perfect voice, perfect choice of songs, perfect everything.


3. That’s Christmas To Me by Pentatonix– Holy cow! Last year I was obsessed with Kelly and Michael, but this year I haven’t had time to listen to anything other than this amazing album. Along with their previous EP PTXmas, it’s all you need. Seriously.

Angie-Miller-O-Holy-Night-2013-1200x1200 Angie-Miller-This-Christmas-Song-iTunes

4. Angie Miller (This Christmas Song, O Holy Night)– Favorite Idol contestant, and will always be. I’m so glad I watched that season of Idol, because every song that she has is ahh amazing. And these two Christmas ones are not an exception at all.


5. When Christmas Comes To Town, Believe by Josh Groban (The Polar Express)– I love O Holy Night, I love Carol Of The Bells, but these two I just simply adore. My two favorites!

Christmas Movies:

(Most of these, I found on Netflix, and some are just classics. But the best ones that I’ve seen were from Hallmark channel, which I didn’t remember the names because I watched so many, so if you have that channel(which I don’t anymore :() it has the best Christmas movies.) Click the images to go to their IMDb page.

My favorite ❤




Another favorite!



I mean..Mario Lopez? ❤







Wow, making this list made me remember this movie! Ahh so many memories. I loved this when I was younger.
Wow, making this list made me remember this movie! Ahh so many memories. I loved this when I was younger.





Let me know in the comments what are your favorites Christmas songs and movies, maybe I’m missing on something good 🙂



2 thoughts on ““O Christmas Music, O Christmas Movies..”

  1. Great selection of music and movies. I love Elf! Such a funny and touching movie. My nephews are friends of Angie Miller. She lives nearby. I’m trying to get them to have her sing one of my songs, but they just give me a sarcastic look! lol She has such a nice voice!

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