A bit late, but oh well. Here’s my photo of this week.

I leave on Monday, well, on Sunday really because the plane leaves at 1:58 am (he he -_-) but I feel like a part of me, a part of my life, already left. Another part of me wishes I wasn’t leaving, and the other wishes to leave already. These days have been weird, I keep setting my DVR to record some programs that are for next week. Then I realize that I won’t be here anymore. *sighs*

I hope you enjoy this photo, I like it because I never use clothes like this but I like the look it brings to it.





2 thoughts on ““Farewell”

  1. A bittersweet moment, Minnie. It’s as though the fabric is allowed to escape from its bonds and follow its destiny. Fabric can be textile, but it can also be our spiritual fabric as well. This is thought provoking as always. Great work!!!

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