An Unforgettable Night.

Let’s pretend we’re all friends for a moment (not that we’re not but you know what I mean) and let me tell you about the amazing time I had last night. Because honestly I feel like I’m losing my best friend more everyday and I need to tell someone.

Yesterday, I was feeling all kinds of emotions. But most of all I was feeling stressed. Incredibly stressed. I kept jumping and dancing to try to shake it off like Taylor Swift. It wasn’t working.

My cousins, brother and I had planned to go to the fair yesterday as our last hang out. I invited of course my best friend and a friend from high school that I hadn’t seen since school. As a friend you would think that the one who is going to go is the one that has been through thick and thin for seven years with you, but no. It was the other one, the one that I barely talk to.

Apparently my best friend couldn’t because of money, transportation and because his boyfriend was staying at his house. I understand all of this. What I can’t understand is the fact that you had two months since my birthday to visit me and spend time with his best friend who he knows is leaving and he decides to come and say goodbye the same day I leave? No. I thought I was angry. But worse, I’m just hurt. Disappointed.

That and all the stress from everything had me going crazy. But last night was everything I could ask for.

My brother, neighbor (who’s like a brother), cousins, my high school friend and I went to the fair, got on almost everything, including the ring of fire which woooo left me voiceless, we laughed, screamed, sang, got dizzy, enjoyed the bumping cars like we were kids, watched how I got scared at the ferris wheel, and had the best time ever.

When I was there I forgot about absolutely everything. I forgot the thing with my bf, forgot everything I was feeling, and forgot that I was leaving. I didn’t even think if I was having a good time or not. I guess that’s what happens when you ARE having a good time.

It’s funny because I told my brother that I wanted to get drunk (which is very rare of me to say because I dont drink) to forget everything and have a good night and we didn’t have a single drop of alcohol in our systems and had a better time than if we would have.

All I can say is that I needed this night. Not just because Im leaving. I needed this from a long time ago. I’m more than grateful, I love my people.

PS. Procrastination level I still haven’t finished my suitcases…I mean, isn’t that the most tedious thing to do, specially when you have to make your whole life fit into 2 suitcases?

Talk to you soon, I’m going to go and enjoy my last day here.

Thanks for being there.


2 thoughts on “An Unforgettable Night.

  1. I completely understand the issue with the best friend. My best friend, we have been friends for almost 15 year now, has been pulling away for the past few years. I always have to go see her, she never comes to visit me. I will spend hours at her house, playing with her kids and listening to her problems, but when it comes to my problems she is suddenly too busy to listen. I never get to hang out with just her because she won’t leave her kids with anyone. Her and I have not had a night out together since high school. And most of the time I feel like the back burner friend.

    I often wonder why I even consider her my best friend.

    I’m glad you had a good time with friends though. I love going to fairs.

    1. It’s so sad. I don’t stop my friendship because it’s so hard to find someone you can trust that much. But yeah, sometimes I wonder too why I consider him my best friend when we do absolutely nothing together anymore and seeing each other is more like something we should do instead of something we want to. I guess they sort of become more like siblings that we still love and trust but just grew apart.

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