The Polar Express has made quite an impact of my way of thinking about Christmas.

Not believing in Santa Claus, but believing in general. Since I saw the movie, I’ve been more intrigued by the magic of Christmas. And not just Christmas, just life.

It breaks me when I see people that has lost their magic. Specially my loved ones.

Life, no matter the circumstances, is something very magical. And what we can make of it is beyond.

Believe in life. Try to see the magic of it. Of everything. And if you have it, try not to lose it. I’l do my best not to lose mine.

And go listen to Believe by Josh Groban please.




2 thoughts on “Believe.

  1. I love that movie. : ) Yeah, I think everyone tends to have a kind of wistfulness for the days when everything was a miracle. I was thinking about starting a Pinterest board for things that I find astonishingly miraculous or magical, so I can look at it when I feel depressed because everything is boring and awful. I would go on my board all “Look! This is a pen that can scan colors from objects! I can color in the exact shade of apples and blood and violets!” “Wow! Our bodies have as many cells as the galaxy has stars! We’re basically galaxies ourselves!” “Look at this jellyfish! It GLOWS!”
    Science is miraculous and I love it.

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