I <3 New York!

Okay, okay. Where do I start? I’ve been away from WordPress for a week that I forgot how to write.

My Christmas day wasn’t the best honestly. I was sick and bored. Same story with NYE, I needed to hug my parents at midnight and party a little bit more.

But the exciting part is that because we were staying in New Jersey for NYE, we decided to go one day to New York. The first time I went, a couple of years ago, wasn’t THAT great. It was the hottest day of that summer and we didn’t do much really.

This time, although it was cold, I felt very warm inside. It was full of beautiful memories. Just the thought of it makes me swoon!

Seeing so many different pretty people walking on the streets, with long coats, high boots, different accents, some being nice and others rude, was just incredible.

We went to several places but the highlight of the day was definitely Central Park.

central park

We were tired and cold, so we went on those things that take you around the park in a bicycle, and the drivers were hitting on us. The manager asked me if I had a boyfriend, and he said that if I decided to move there he was going to be available for me. I didn’t even understand him that much because I felt like I was living a life that wasn’t my own, plus I was embarrassed and…I don’t know. Hahaha, I’m not used to that kind of thing. He honestly made my day. Definitely my favorite moment. Now it makes me kind of sad to think I’m never going to see him again. If you go to CP and talk with an Alex, the manager of those bicycle things (whatever they’re called….I just googled it, pedicabs) say hi please.

Then, there were a bunch of people near the stage in Times Square, and my niece and I couldn’t contain the curiosity. We went to see what was happening and it was RYAN SEACREST. Ahh! He was so close. And all the people together made us feel really warm. We really wanted to go for NYE but it was going to be complicated because my niece has a baby, so we’re going next year. I wanted to go this year to see (or hear at least) Taylor Swift though.

The point is, I needed that little trip. It made me feel happy and..somehow right. All I was thinking was how happy I was with my decision of moving here. Because, where I live right now is depressing but I have faith that someday, hopefully soon, I will live in a place that I like. I would like to live at least 6 months in NY at one point of my life.

Now all I think all the time is about the fun I had there. It honestly gave me strength and hope. I’m so glad it happened the day before the year ended because now I feel fresh. And motivated.

This year is going to be my weirdest. Full of changes and new experiences. And definitely a lot of challenges. It’s going to be worth it.

P.S. Who’s #AlexFromTarget when I have #AlexFromCentralPark? ………I want a friend from New York so bad! I want to fall in love this year….no no, I just want a friend! Idk! Maybe both. Gosh!! I need more people in my life. HI! okay bye now.

Thanks for reading you beautiful person,



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