Dear Movies, You’re Doing It Wrong!

In this case, “wrong” is relatively relative. But in my opinion, they are. And it frustrates me. I’ve loved movies since I can remember, in fact, that’s my problem in life, that I want everything to be like a movie, hence always the disappointment.

I love them so much, that I even studied Film. I was certain that it was what I was going to devote all my life to. Turns out I was wrong, what I really loved were the stories, that’s what I was interested in, in creating.

But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about the stupidest, not supposed to be (in my opinion, anyway), movie endings. I’m going to sum it all up in one sentence. “You can’t make me fall in love with something/someone or teach me a lesson and then made the main character go with the opposite.”


“Timer”, let’s talk about this movie for a second. I saw this a while ago because I was searching for a movie to watch on Netflix to distract myself. I ended up feeling mad and extremely disappointed. This is the synopsis: In this comedic fantasy, biotechnological implants count down to the moment one is supposed to meet his or her soul mate. This kind of fiction seemed a little tooMoXu2bo beeeh for my taste, but it could have ended well. They inserted these things in your wrists that told you the exact time that you were going to meet your soulmate. The main character was frustrated because hers was blank.

She meets this younger guy who is all about adventure and has a “timer” that is supposed to go off in four months. tumblr_inline_n5iq8vMTMh1qb6dhpShe goes out and sleep with him thinking that is going to be over soon, that is just an adventure. The truth is revealed that his timer was fake, and it complicates the situation. Her sister timer is supposed to go off in a huge couple of years. But she meets a guy that doesn’t have a timer, and they practically are falling in love. The sisters, realizing that the whole idea is stupid, and that you should just live the today and fall in love with who ever you want (I was thinking this was the lesson of the movie) decide to go and take it off. Once it was removed it could not be implanted again. When the main character was about to have it removed, her timer showed the time (I don’t remember how much time, but I think it was a couple of hours or days). The reason why it showed the time now, it was because her soul mate had it implanted. When they go to their birthday party, her timer beeped (they beeped when the person was in front of his/her soul mate) and guess who else’s beeped? The guy’s that her sister was going out with. The guy that her sister was excited about because they both didn’t have timers and were having chemistry. HOW COOL IS THAT? *Insert very serious emoji here* And guess who else was there and saw the whole thing? Yes. The guy that the movie made us fall in love with (and yes, he was immature sometimes but you made me like him, dear writer). They guy she was falling in love with. After that, everyone was mad. Then, she removed the timer, the young guy and her had a sad conversation, where she said “screw the timer” and he said “It’s too late” and then he told her that her problem wasn’t the timer, it was that she wasn’t in love with him. tumblr_m8q8130e7o1qfxrhno1_500So they basically kissed goodbye. And he ended the conversation with: “I’m really glad you don’t care about the timer anymore, that way you’ll really know about him.”

The movie ended with her meeting her “soul mate” by accident at the track where he used to run or coach (Idk), and him telling her that she should come again.. WHY? Maybe I didn’t get the point of the movie but I really thought that she was going to have the stupid timer removed and was just going to continue living her life without worrying about that matter. Perhaps the lesson was another one that I just found really pointless. (Okay, so now that I reread what I just wrote, that’s kind of exactly what happened…but anyway, I didn’t like that ending….shit, it all made sense now…)


Another movie example is Bridget Jones. I know, I know. People love it. As much as I had heard of the movies, I watched them for the first time like two months ago. I was expecting to put them in my favorites list. Hmm, they’re funny, I would watch them again, I like the script, but definitely not in my favorites. HeMV5BMTgzMTYyNTU3NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNTc2Mzc2._V1_SX640_SY720_re’s why: Since the beginning you know that Daniel, as hot as he is, is bad news. An you also know that she is going to end up with Mark (whose first impression was not good). I kept waiting for the moment that I was going to fall in love with him, aaand for the moment that he was going to fall in love with her, aaand for the moment that she was going to fall with him. Well, tick tock, turkey-curry-buffetI’m still waiting. Mark’s appearances were too dull and short, I found, to make me want them together. And most importantly, I never saw the moment where he would fall in love with her to then tell her “I like you very much, just as you are.” mark-darcyI’m sorry, but I didn’t. And lastly, you (I’m talking to you, movie) showed me a couple of scenes where Daniel was not being an asshole. You gave me reasons to believe that he could change.

In the sequel, you did exactly the same. You showed me possibly the worst bits you could have shown me of Mark being not very likable. And while, it pleased me the fact that she realized how little it meant the details that she didn’t like about him compared to others, I was still waiting to LOVE him, like she did. I’m not saying is not a great movie, I just found out that it was nominated for an Oscar, but those details bothered me and made me feel not so many good emotions.


Let’s talk about the most recent one that I watched and the one that surprised me the most. Forces Of Nature. I love Sandra Bullock, I don’t mind watching Ben Affleck either, the movie seemed easy to like. And I liked it, but what the actual hell? Dear, FON you REALLY made me fall in love with Sandra(I don’t remember the character’s name), really made me believe that they found each other because of destiny and were meant to be. I loved their chemistry. You showed me nothing good about the woman he was about to marry. And then, just when I thought Ben and Sandra were going to start together and he was about to call of his wedding because he realized he didn’t love her fiancé, his fiancé and him kissed. They kissed, and suddenly he was wrong, and they loved each other and blah blah blah. And Sandra left, puff.

Another one that I remembered now, Pretty in Pink. But I’m not going to go into details. I think you got the point by now.

I think there’s probably something wrong with me and not with the movies. This was only my first impression of them, maybe if I watch them again, I will understand why. But I’m sure that you should make the viewer feel and realize what the main character is. I know that sometimes the ending is not happy, I perfectly understand, but NO, there are things and there are things. This is serious, movies, get it right please! What do you think? Do you feel the same way about some movies? Or am I just crazy?



4 thoughts on “Dear Movies, You’re Doing It Wrong!

  1. I completely understand your craziness hehe. I feel the exact same way about Bridget Jones Diary but to be honest, what drama filled romantic story isn’t predictable anymore? I love the movie, it’s a good laugh but yes, we all knew what was going to happen in the end.
    I’ve never watched Pretty In Pink but I’ve heard that, that movie is really iconic to many people, or rather one character played by Jon Cryer. It’s mostly why people love it so much. Duddly or whatever his name was.

    1. Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one! Most of them are predictable, and I guess I’m okay with that, we know how they’re going to end, we just want to know why and the story in between. It was obvious that Bridget was going to end with Mark, but the movie never really showed so many reasons why.

      Yeah, PIP it’s pretty iconic to many people, but the end didn’t convince me either hehe.

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