“Winter In My Heart”

You would think that being barefoot on the snow would be painful. It actually wasn’t. I was so scared that someone was watching me all by myself in another’s person garage sitting in the snow doing a weird pose in a wedding dress while being barefoot. Because, you know, that would have been perfectly normal. That’s what really was painful, to realize that from now on, I’ll have to experience those kind of adventures alone.


This one could be by far, one of the simplest photos I’ve done. I didn’t even know what I wanted to tell with it, but I just the felt the need to do it. Weeks ago, I used to worry about doing a so simple photo because I didn’t want my parents or anyone telling me that they didn’t understand it, that it didn’t tell them anything. I had to take a moment and remember why I do them. It has always been for me. It’s my passion, and if I feel like doing a simple photo, I sure will.

Now I see it as a brief representation of what I’m feeling. I’m asking for help. I just need someone with me. It’s moments like this one that make you see how important friends are. I can’t wait to have at least one.

There are a lot of more snow photos coming, I mean, I hope…I want to. We’ll see.



8 thoughts on ““Winter In My Heart”

  1. Hi Minnie, sometimes simple is good. In music, the absence of a note or sound (a rest) is just as important as a musical note. It’s effective and sometimes profound. I agree with your interpretation. I like that you’ve added the subtle, yet effective use of color. Your dress and the window and your body to the house are connected. The window adorns the house, and the dress adorns the human. The window isn’t quite seated right, and needs a little adjustment. Maybe that’s the adjustment that you’re going through now? As always, a beautiful piece of art. I look forward to seeing more of your creativity in the near future.


    1. Ohh yes, that is so true! Minutes before finishing this post, the window was straight, but I just had to change it last minute because I realized that’s what I wanted to tell, thank you so much Rob (:

      1. 😀 😀 😀 I’m so glad you think so. Sometimes it’s even challenging for me to interpret them. I don’t know what I’m doing with some of them, but I know that at least someone is going to see a story in it. Thank you!!

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