Dream Big And Travel A Lot..

Sometimes, if inspiration doesn’t come to you, you have to go and look for it. Sometimes you have the inspiration, but not the motivation. And again, you have to go look for it. BUT sometimes, you just have to wait. And let everything fall into place.

I moved here, to the US, with the dream of having more places and things to use in my photos. And while snow is new for me, and I was excited to incorporate it in my photos, it has become harder and harder for me to shoot.

Maybe it’s because I’m having a hard time at work, or because now I don’t have my parents or brother to go and shoot with me, but I’m lacking motivation. I think of doing one, and it seems so hard. I never have the props I need, these days have been cold..and I don’t know. Yesterday, I tried to do one, and completely failed. I didn’t even put too much effort. That’s why I decided to stop for a moment. Not force it. I’m going to wait until I feel really inspired and motivated to do one. Maybe it’s tomorrow, next week, or next month. But I can’t force it.


Regardless of my lack of everything, I did this little illustration of how I feel about life. My perfect combination, dream and travel. After going to NY, and after working in the hell that I do, I’ve been getting more and more determined to dream big and visit a lot of places. Life is full of different opportunities, and staying in one place and think the same thing your whole life, is a complete waste. That thought make me feel at ease sometimes.

I hope I can create something again soon. I sure miss it.

Thank you,



13 thoughts on “Dream Big And Travel A Lot..

  1. You need to travel to some parks. Watch kids play. Or even dog parks and watch the dogs play. Sit at a coffee shop or anywhere with wifi. Pretend to work, but secretly watch others. That is where I find most of my inspiration. Good luck getting your drive back!

  2. Do what ever helps you relax and feel more “at peace” (I know it sounds hippyish) And know that while Me and lots of people will be missing your beautiful photos, We’d rather wait until you feel inspired, and see something beautiful; than pressure you into posting things your not confident in or proud of. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Best advice ever! I’m all for dreaming big and travelling. Funny how I am not doing so much myself (travelling, I mean) but will be doing so in the future though.

    How you been sweets? It’s been a while! 😀

    1. Yeah, that’s the best kind of life to have.

      I’ve been…well, not the greatest, but good. A little frustrated with myself, but getting better. What about you?

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