Life Resume.

There is just something about the thought of doing the same thing your whole life that makes me feel desperate and fills me with an incredible sadness. I guess it’s just not doing the same thing, but knowing how it’s going to be. I’m aware that you can’t really know how your life is going to turn out because a one second moment can drastically change it but..knowing how it’s potentially going to be like, freaks me out.

Being in school for twelve years, in college for at least another four, and then 40 on the same job. That’s not how I see life. Not my life, anyways. The thought of not being able to do a different thing terrorizes me but I have faith that I won’t.

As much as going to college, to study something is somehow comforting and makes you feel safe because there’s more possibilities of having a stable life, that’s not what I want on my life resume.

life resume

I want adventure and crazy experiences. I want something different every day. Things worth telling. My life has been too safe till now. Too safe. This doesn’t mean that from now on I will be taking drugs and having sex with everyone, but I do want to take risks and live a little more on the edge. Not making decisions based on how my reputation is going to look like, but for me. Saying yes to things that may seem a bit crazy. And just worry more on how my decisions are affecting my present, not my future.

What do you want on your life resume?

Thank you,



7 thoughts on “Life Resume.

  1. That’s how I played it. I had some crazy experiences when I was young. I started performing in a band when I was 14. I wanted to get everything from the world that I could, but I was always aware of not being too crazy. I think that you will find your way and do what is best for you. After all, no one knows you better than you.

    1. I guess I’ll figure a lot of things along the way, and my interests will keep changing..but I hope I keep wanting adventures. But knowing me, I know I’ll never get too crazy.

      1. You’re an artist…you’ll always be one. You’ll have different ways in which to express yourself and different life experiences that you’ll express, but you’ll always be Minnie. πŸ’—

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