“Frozen Inside”

I didn’t realize it until I finished this photo, but it’s perfect for the weather. These last weeks have had so many days below zero. Honestly, I think winter is sort of..interesting, but can it be Spring already?

Frozen Inside

I’m trying to make my photos show my feelings as much as possible, and although I’m not really sure what this means, a part of me is just frozen. I thought of this idea when I saw Frozen. Originally it was going to be an exact copy of the scene where Elsa is chained, but because of lack of props and things that happen along the way, it ended up like this. And I’m quite happy with it. I’m excited for the next one.

I’ve been doing a little better, I live for the moments when I get in a weird, very good mood out of nowhere. I hope you’re all well, we’ll talk soon.


2 thoughts on ““Frozen Inside”

  1. I see that you have an ice prison of sorts. What is it in the sky that you’re looking at? I’m happy to hear that you’re doing better, and I’m with you – can the Spring get here already? I love the photo!!

    1. Thanks so much Rob. Do you mean the little things in the sky? I don’t know what they are really, one day I took a picture of the sky and they were there. I didn’t erase them in this photo because they’re flying, and it’s like a symbolism of freedom I guess.

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