“Drowning In Fears”

With this photo I got motivated again. No more snow. I decided that if I didn’t want the white stuff in my pictures anymore, I would have to do them inside, which I hadn’t done in a while. It was nice not having to bear low temperatures with little clothes and no shoes.

I think we all have felt these moments where we feel like we’re drowning in our fears and thoughts. And in some of those moments, the water can’t even reach us. We make it seem like it does.

Drowning In Fears


This photo is literally representing my week. I finally got myself a car, but as you may know I’ve never liked driving. It terrifies me and gives me anxiety. That day was supposed to be one of my happiest and I ended up having more stress than ever. One hour after buying the car, I left my keys inside. It took me one hour to have the guts to call someone to come and unlock it. I’ve had to do a lot of things that in Spanish I wouldn’t. I got so frustrated and incredibly mad at myself for making a big deal out of everything. For getting anxious for every single little thing. I need someone with me. I need my brother at least. But I have to learn to do these things on my own.

I hope you enjoy this picture. I’ll talk to you soon.


13 thoughts on ““Drowning In Fears”

  1. I love this image!

    And it’s good to see you are fighting through your anxiety. Anxiety can hold us back in so many ways, and yes, it very much feels like we’re drowning in it sometimes! 😦

  2. I love the photo. Your expression looks so sincere, too. It’s really good that you have this artistic outlet and use your art to express these feelings. By the way, sometimes when you’re experiencing so many things, your achievements may be lost to you. You should pause and congratulate yourself. You’ve had quite a tumultuous time for the past few months and your doing great. I think that one day you’ll look back at this time of your life and be amazed at what you had done.

    1. I’m really glad that I have this outlet , definetely.
      I try to remind myself of that everytime I feel down. Because it’s true, considering how I am, I’m doing good, I could be doing better but I’m doing okay. I honestly thought this experience was going to be worse. I have to learn how to stop being so hard on myself. I really can’t wait until that day, where I’ll look back and be proud.
      Thank you so much for your comment Rob! (:

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’ll keep trying and challenging myself. Miss you too. I’ve been missing reading everything, I promise I’ll get back to it.

      1. That’s a great thing to do, we all have fears in life. Believe me you feel much better when you face them. Aw yeah same here, I try to check others as much as I can. Hope you have a great weekend sweety, talk soon ❤

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