“Blue Neighborhood”

“Blue Neighborhood”

‘Everything you’re running away from is in your head’

Blue Neighbourhood.jpg

This will probably be my last photo before leaving for BMT. I’m feeling every possible emotion that one could ever feel. But I’m positive that facing all my fears and hopefully overcoming them will give me a new perspective on things, which can help me creatively. I’m really looking forward to see what the Air Force brings for me.


I’m so glad I was able to finish this series, my first ever series. It’s not exactly like I imagined it, but it’s something. Something really personal. I leave in two weeks, yes, I’m nervous, I feel like I’m dying. But it’ll be fine.

I’ll try to talk to you before I leave, hope you’re all doing fine.


2 thoughts on ““Blue Neighborhood”

  1. Best of luck to you in the Air Force, Minnie. You’ll be missed here while you’re in training. I sincerely hope that you post here when you can. Your photo is amazing. Like the fears in your mind are reaching from the hedge, calling you back, but you refuse and forge forward. Be strong! Your future will amaze you.

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