Back Home.

I’m starting this post from the place it all started. My little corner on the couch of my house. Not my house anymore, my home. Now, after a few days, I’m finishing it in the place that made me happy and changed my life, my actual house..or apartment.

I don’t recall if I mentioned it here, but these past two weeks I went back home to PR to be with my family and some friends before leaving for the USAF.

When I got there, I immediately remembered why I wanted to leave that place in the first place. I felt weird the first day at my house, like it wasn’t my house anymore. The days passed and that feeling went away. It was like reliving my life a year ago.

I feel grateful that I got to spend a few days back there, like the old days, with my parents, enjoying every second. I made new friends, one of them gave me the most perfect last day. It was honestly beautiful.

I understood that PR is always going to feel like home, that even though I don’t really like it, it’s going to give me that sense of comfort and warmth that nothing else probably will.

My heart is full of beautiful memories. I’m going to miss so much.


4 thoughts on “Back Home.

  1. I totally understand what you’re talking about, belonging to two places, feeling the good and the bad of both. Once I read a post in which the several “home countries” were compared to the birth mother, (loving) step mother and godmother and I loved the comparison. Maybe it makes sense for you too.

    Have a great weekend! ❤

  2. I know how it feels, I lived all my life in NY and now living in PR, I miss NY as I do have family there but I also have family in PR. My soul is split in two places..

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